Who is National Home & Auto Insurance Agency


The Independent Insurance Agency Created for Mortgage Originators!

Our agency was started as a partnership with a Mortgage Company.  Most insurance agents see the borrower as their customer…

Our Customer is the Loan Originator!

Our process was designed by Loan Officers, as you can see it places them at the center of the relationship with the borrower.

  1. While completing 1003, “I will assist you with finding Homeowners Insurance” 99% of customers approve.
  2. Send page one of 1003 to loan@homeauto.us (we need names, DOB, addresses)
  3. One business day we send the insurance proposal to the loan officer
  4. You forward the proposal to the borrower “In addition to securing your loan I also shopped and found Home Insurance for you”.
  5. You connect the borrower with our licensed agent to complete the policy.
  6. Settlement documents available as soon as you need them!

This process allows the Loan Officer to control the relationship, we contact the borrower when you give us the approval.

Go ahead, give us a try!  We can’t wait to help you.

Submit Names, DOB, current and proposed address to loan@homeauto.us.