Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Insurance

* Our policy forms are written specifically for this class of business.
* We do not try to modify a DP3 or HO3 form and endorse it to fit some of the exposures leaving you EXPOSED to Uncovered Risks.
* Our Policy covers the exposures that will be incurred by this type of property. YES, we cover Vandalism for Vacant Property!
* We Issue a Master Policy, you add and delete properties, sight unseen by the carrier. NO Underwriter Turn Downs!
* There is no need to submit for approval prior to adding each property. Yes, your read that correctly!
* Residential Dwellings, Manufactured Homes, Commercial Property, Vacant Land, Scheduled Vehicles and Collateral
* All Classes Occupied or VACANT
Motorcycle Insurance – use current information
Boat Insurance – use current information

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